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Justice Administrative Commission

Court Appointed, IFC, & Due Process - Information Resources

JAC Documents & Guides are provided in PDF format for accessibility. PDF files   may be viewed with the latest free Adobe Acrobat Reader® plug-in. 


Direct Deposit/EFT Exemption Form 
Instructions for Completing a Substitute Form W-9 
Substitute Form W-9 


Adult & Juvenile Billing Scenarios for Post 7/1/07 Appointments 
JAC Court-Appointed Attorney Billing Flowchart 
Conflict Appointment Scenarios 
Dependency & TPR Billing Scenarios 
Dependency Flat Fee Title IV Pre-Audit Billing Checklist 
Dependency Petition and Title IV E Checklist and Guide - June 2022 
Guide to Obtaining Attorney Fees 
Guidelines: Bill Submitted for Motion to Withdraw Plea 
Twelve Things Counsel Should Remember About Obtaining Fees for Court-Appointed Work 


Court Reporter Appearance Fees Billing Checklist 
Court Reporter Appellate Transcripts Billing Checklist 
Court Reporter Deposition Transcripts Billing Checklist 
Court Reporter Hearings-Proceedings Billing Checklist 
Court Reporter Listening Fees for Audio Recording Billing Checklist 
Court Reporter Video Taped Depositions Billing Checklist 
Dependency Title IV Billing Checklist 
Dependency Petition and Title IV E Checklist and Guide - June 2022 
Expert Vendor Billing Checklist 
Quick Checklist for Criminal Flat Fee Billing 
Quick Checklist for Civil Flat Fee Billing 
Hourly Billing Checklist 
Mitigation Specialist Vendor Billing Checklist 
Ordinary/Official Witnesses Billing Checklist 
Investigator/Process Server Billing Checklist 
Translator and Interpreter Billing Checklist 


Common Questions & Answers Regarding Payment of Attorney’s Fees, Due Process Costs, and Related Expenses for Court-Appointed Counsel and Indigent for Costs Cases  
Guide to Using FLAIR to Obtain Payment Information  
New Case Opening Instructions  
How to Open an IFC Case and Serve JAC with IFC Motions and Supporting Documents) through MyJAC 3/31/22  
How to Submit a Dependency Bill with the Title IV-E Children Reporting Form in MyJAC 6/8/22  
How to Approve a Due Process Bill and Complete a Title-IV E Children Reporting Form in MyJAC 6/8/22  
Dependency Disposition Guide for Attorneys 2023  UPDATED 12/05/2022


Chart for Billing in Tenths (Videographer) 
Court Reporter Billing 
Five Things A Court Reporter Should Know 
Payment of Appellate Transcripts 


JAC Due Process Vendor Billing Flowchart 
Guide to Obtaining Due Process Costs 
Invoice Numbering for Due Process Invoices 
Six Things an Attorney Should Keep in Mind When Seeking Due Process Costs to Be Paid Through JAC 
Six Things a Private Process Server Should Know 
What are Due Process Costs? 


Eight Things an Expert Should Know 
Expert Billing 
JAC Payment of Mental Competency Evaluations 


Guide to Indigency for Costs 
IFC Motions/Orders Guidelines 
Instruction for Service of IFC Motions through MyJAC 
IFC – Privately Retained Attorney Checklist 
Overview - How to have a Client Declared Indigent for Costs 
Request for Certification of Costs Form 
Six Things a Retained Attorney Should Remember About Having a Client Declared Indigent for Costs 


Guide to Investigator and Mitigation Specialist Billing 
Seven Things an Investigator Should Know 


Policies and Procedures for Private Court-Appointed Counsel, Indigent for Costs Counsel, and Capital Collateral Private Court-Appointed Counsel 
Policies and Procedures for Due Process Vendors 
Policies and Procedures for Pro Se Individuals 


Attorney Registry for Capital Collateral Cases (CAC) 
Children with Special Needs Registry (Attorneys with Contracts by Circuit) 
Circuit Registry Contact List 
Statewide Expert Registry for Involuntary Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predator Proceedings 
Court-Appointed Attorney Registry (Attorneys with Contracts by Circuit) 
Due Process Vendors with Contracts Search 


Florida DOT Mileage Guide 
JAC Guide to Travel Procedures