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Justice Administrative Commission

JAC Legal

In addition to representing the JAC, the Legal section participates in hearings and responds to motions by court-appointed attorneys throughout the state for attorney’s fees, due process services, and related expenses. JAC Legal may also participate in JAC’s review of certain court-appointed attorney and due process vendor bills submitted for processing, post payment reviews, and resolution of other issues between the JAC and court-attorneys and vendors.

The primary method for submitting pleadings and orders to JAC is through the above email address. A submission to the email address will provide a confirmation of receipt. The email address is available for submission of motions, notices of hearing, orders on hearings, and orders to pay. It is not necessary to follow up service with a mailed copy. Submission to any other JAC email will not be deemed service on JAC.

Submission is only needed to one JAC contact; duplication of submissions may delay the processing of the motion. Please do not use multiple JAC contacts to submit your motions, notices of hearing, orders on hearings, and orders to pay. Also, please do not use to submit JAC court-appointed contracts, this can be done on MyJAC.

Motions for Attorney’s Fees, Due Process Costs, or Related Expenses should be served on JAC for review and response prior to setting a hearing. JAC’s response to the motion will indicate JAC’s position on the motion and whether JAC wishes to participate in the hearing. Motions must be submitted to

Effective April 4, 2022, All IFC Motions Must Be Served on JAC via the MyJAC secure website. Click to view the IFC Service Notice (3-31-22) . Also view the tutorial “How to open an IFC case in MyJAC” at this link .

If JAC requests a hearing on a motion for attorney fees, due process costs, or related expenses, the matter must be set for a hearing. Notices of Hearing must be served on JAC with:

  1. at least ten (10) business days’ notice for a motion for ordinary (flat fee) attorney fees, a motion for due process costs, or a motion to declare a defendant indigent for costs and
  2. at least twenty (20) business days’ notice for a motion for extraordinary attorney fees.

If the attorney provides JAC with the requisite notice, the hearing time does not need to be cleared with JAC as long as JAC can appear by telephone or videoconference. Please note that providing JAC sufficient notice does not always guarantee JAC’s availability. If JAC has a conflict, JAC will provide the attorney prompt notice and request a different hearing date.

If an attorney intends to set a hearing with less than the requisite notice, the hearing time must be cleared with JAC Legal prior to setting the hearing by sending a request to The subject line of the email should clearly indicate the request to set a hearing with short notice so that JAC can respond expeditiously to the request.

Any Notice of Hearing must be served via Please do not send the notices to JAC using any other method. When providing the Notice of Hearing, please include the: (1) Zoom or Microsoft Teams link; (2) direct telephone number that JAC is to call; or (3) if the Court will call JAC. JAC’s toll-free number is (866) 355-7902.

Effective November 14, 2022, All IFC Orders Must Be Served on JAC via the MyJAC secure website. Please see the Notice Regarding Mandate for Submission of Online IFC Orders  for further information, links, and tutorial.

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