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Justice Administrative Commission

Job Postings

The Request to Fill (Job Postings) email,, is for your advertising needs. If you have a vacancy to fill and would like to take advantage of the free service through the State of Florida job site, please send a completed Request to Fill Vacancy Form. The form and instructions are listed below.

  • Request to Fill Vacancy Form Instructions 
    1. Download the Request to Fill Vacancy Form (RTF) or (PDF) from this page.
    2. Do a “save as” for new RTF request.
    3. Complete the RTF or PDF form.
    4. Using a separate Word document, submit the advertisement language. Please include the complete name of your office, how applicants are to apply (including whether applications submitted through People First will be accepted), any special documentation required (e.g., writing sample), and a description of the position being filled.
    5. If using qualification questions include them in the email.
    6. Submit both the (RTF or PDF) form and the Word document to
  • GoToMeeting Video - “The People First Job Site & Job Postings” YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK   - 02/23/2017
  • Please note that the following language will be added to RTFs unless directed by the Judicial-related office otherwise:
    If you are a retiree of the Florida Retirement System (FRS), please check with the FRS at 1-844-377-1888 on how your current benefits may be affected if you are re-employed with the State of Florida. Your current retirement benefits may be canceled, suspended, or deemed ineligible depending upon the date of your retirement.