The Justice Administrative Commission (JAC), created in 1965, provides administrative services on behalf of 49 judicial related entities.

Currently, the JAC administratively serves 20 Offices of State Attorney, 20 Offices of Public Defender, 3 Offices of Capital Collateral Regional Counsel, 5 Offices of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel, and the Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program. Services provided are primarily in the areas of accounting, budget, financial services, and human resources.

The JAC also provides compliance and financial review of billings for services provided by private court-appointed attorneys representing indigent citizens and associated due process vendors.

The Commission is comprised of two State Attorneys, appointed by the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, and two Public Defenders, appointed by the Florida Public Defender Association. The Commission appoints an Executive Director, who is charged with oversight of necessary staff to efficiently and effectively carry out the JAC's duties.

Our Vision: To be a model of exemplary state government and provide unparalleled services.

Our Mission: To be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars, while providing the highest quality service to the 49 judicial related entities, private court-appointed counsel, and associated vendors we serve, by ensuring compliance with laws, rules, regulations, and best business practices.

JAC's Core Values: We take great pride in excellence in service, innovation, adaptability, collaboration, honesty, integrity, accountability, and diversity, as well as respectful and ethical conduct, and fiscal responsibility.

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