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Justice Administrative Commission

Judicial and Registry Clerk Information


The Justice Administrative Commission (JAC) is responsible for processing payments of attorney fees, court-approved costs, and associated expenses in relation to private court-appointed and indigent for costs cases throughout the state in accordance with ss. 27.5304, 29.007, and 27.52, F.S. Generally, JAC processes payment of fees and costs in cases where an indigent person is entitled to court-appointed counsel, and the offices of the public defender and/or criminal conflict and civil regional counsel have a conflict precluding representation; or the defendant has been found “indigent for costs” in accordance with s. 27.52(5), F.S. JAC is not responsible for processing the payment of fees and court-approved costs unless there is a statutory or constitutional right to appointed counsel under Florida law.

JAC has published a short reference guide for judges, law clerks, and judicial assistants regarding JAC’s role and the case types for which JAC is responsible for processing payments of attorney fees, court-approved costs, and related expenses. View JAC’s Reference Guide for Judges, Law Clerks, and Judicial Assistants, here.

JAC also has a limited role in providing access to due process costs for self-represented (pro se) defendants for those case types where the defendant would otherwise be entitled to court-appointed counsel (such as criminal cases). To assist self-represented defendants in obtaining due process costs, JAC offers a Pro Se Packet. The Packet’s core information (without circuit specific information such as Due Process Rates Charts) is available at JAC Pro Se Packet (core information only). To receive the Pro Se Packet with circuit specific information (such as a list of due process vendors with JAC Contracts that offer services in a specific judicial circuit) please email

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Registry Clerk Information

In order for private attorneys to be eligible for appointment to a court-appointed case, they must be a member of the judicial circuit’s court-appointed attorney registry. Each circuit's court-appointed attorney registries are maintained by circuit court personnel (Registry Clerks). Contact information for each circuit’s Registry Clerk can be found at JAC’s Circuit Registry Contact List. Requests to update/change information on this list should be emailed to

Each fiscal year (typically in June), JAC notifies the Registry Clerks to submit their circuit’s new registry of court-appointed attorneys for the upcoming fiscal year (which begins July 1st). Using the following forms, Registry Clerks can submit or update their circuit’s court-appointed attorney registry. Please use the following forms when submitting registry information to JAC.

Please email completed registry requests/information to To view Court-Appointed Attorneys with Registry Contracts by Circuit, please click here.

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