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Indigent for Costs (IFC)

When a criminal defendant retains private counsel, yet is determined indigent by the Court for purposes of costs associated with the defense, JAC reviews and audits bills sent by due process vendors, such as court reporters, investigators, and expert witnesses, for payment.

Below please find JAC’s IFC Policies and Procedures, a guide, and frequently asked questions regarding this process, as well as necessary forms, sample motions and orders.

IFC Policies & Procedures
IFC – Privately Retained Attorney Checklist
Frequently Asked Questions for IFC Cases
Guide to Indigency for Costs
Overview - How to have a Client Declared Indigent for Costs
Request for Certification of Costs Form

Attorney Fee Forms & JAC Due Process Invoices for Indigent for Costs (IFC)

Clerk's Application for Indigency

Civil Application - Sample Only (Please see your circuit for an updated form) 
Criminal Application - Sample Only (Please see your circuit for an updated form) 

Affidavit of Attorney Fees

Civil    Criminal    Juvenile Delinquency   


Guide to Obtaining Due Process Costs
Invoice Numbering for Due Process Invoices
What are Due Process Costs?
Due Process Vendors with Contracts Search
Due Process Rates
Request for Certification of Costs Form PDF DOC


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