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Justice Administrative Commission

Year-End Resources for Judicial-Related Offices (JROs)

Year-End Presentation Information

Prior to the end of each fiscal year, the Justice Administrative Commission (JAC) conducts a courtesy meeting on behalf of all Judicial-Related Offices (JROs) administratively served by JAC to discuss Year-End requirements and deadlines. The Year-End Agenda and Presentation, which includes a comprehensive due-date calendar, and additional resources are provided below:

Financial Statements Workshop Presentation and Resources

At the end of the fiscal year, the Financial Services Section conducts a Financial Statements Workshop, compiles the Financial Statements for all JROs served by JAC, and reports the Year-End financial data to the Department of Financial Services. The Financial Statements Presentation, which includes a comprehensive agenda, due-date calendar, financial statement forms, and additional resources for JROs are provided below:

Financial Statement Forms for JROs served by JAC

The following forms will be discussed during the Financial Statements Workshop. They are listed in order by due date. The Financial Statements Checklist (updated 05/31/2024)  has been provided as a handy tool to assist with the timely remittance of required financial documentation.

Forms are unavailable until DFS provides the approved forms.

*For these items, please provide either a BOMS report or a completed workbook that will be emailed to the office by JAC Financial Services.

Reference Guides and Examples

Compensated Leave Liability

Capital Assets

Transfers In / Transfers Out and Due To / Due From

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