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When an employee is no longer working for a circuit office, the following steps must be taken to terminate employment in the People First System to ensure that the employee is taken off of state payrolls.

  • Circuit must submit a Personnel Action Request Form (PAR) to the JAC Payroll Group via the payroll group email address: payrollgroup@justiceadmin.org.
  • The PAR must have the effective date of the termination and the transaction code for termination (termination reason examples: retirement, dismissal or employee resigned). The separation reason and last day paid must be included on the PAR.
  • If the employee is due any terminal leave payouts of annual or sick leave, the hours may be included on the termination PAR or sent separately on a future PAR.
  • Annual leave payouts will be processed on the 2nd supplemental payroll after the employee terminates.
  • If the employee terminates and there is deferred compensation involved, the Bureau of State Payrolls will not process the payout until the 1st supplemental payroll after 31 days have run.

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