Compensation and Pay

Pay Changes

When an update to an employee’s salary is required, the circuit will need to complete a Personnel Action Request Form (PAR) and submit it to the JAC Payroll Group email address Each PAR must include information regarding the employee as well as the information needed to complete the salary update. For the employee, we will need their name, social security number and their People First ID number. We also need an authorized signature/date approving the PAR, the “Present Status” and “Change To” information, the transaction date, a valid transaction code and an explanation in the comments area if applicable. A list of payroll due dates is provided to the circuits at the beginning of each month. PARS received after the deadline will be processed on the next available supplemental payroll.

To assist you with timely processing of PAR, check out the helpful reference document, listing both BOMS and People First Pay Change Transaction Codes, below:/>

Understanding the Importance of Pay Change Transaction Codes

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