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Criminal Justice Incentive Program (CJIP)

The Criminal Justice Incentive Program (CJIP), created in 1977 pursuant to s. 943.22, F.S., provides a monthly supplemental salary payment to Investigators, provides a monthly supplemental salary payment to Investigators, law enforcement and correctional officers to reward educational and other career development activities that go beyond minimum position requirements. The CJIP System is a Payroll-by-Exception system. Specifically, once an employee is established in the CJIP System he/she will be continuously paid a set dollar amount until a change order is submitted and processed in People First (PF)  to either modify or delete the employee’s payment status. A CJIP pay record is input through the CJIP component of People First.

Although CJIP pay a supplemental payment, employees receive their regular monthly salary and the additional CJIP payment on the same pay date.

Documents for CJIP:

  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) - Criminal Justice Professionalism Program Global Profile Sheet.
  • Criminal Justice Incentive Program - Class Code/Position Number Table Maintenance Request (attachment)

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